Release Date: 30th October

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Sonomancer surprises with a new cut of electronic beats ‘Core 3’. The mood of Core 3 is very organic with dark undertones and yet features playful stabs that accent the overall vibe. The choice of drum sounds is on point and the programming is minimal, but it all lays a strong foundation that will especially sound good on large horn sound systems.

It’s one of those tracks you want to hear at the end of a massive rave, somewhere in a hidden room where the true heads continue the party for a few more hours.

Sonomancer describes the sound as “electronic with a dash of Dubstep” and originally wrote this track some years ago. Feeling it sounded dated, he tore it down and reconstructed it, a narrative that plays into the visuals in the official music video. Drawing inspiration from old computer-generated videos, the hand-crafted visuals dance to the music and revolve around the central blue circle image that is integral to the Sonomancer brand.

Sonomancer prefers for their music to speak for itself – not giving too much away about their persona, Sonomancer is relying entirely on the music they are producing to resonate with fans, with the desire to create ever more elaborate soundscapes motivating them. Unlike anything on this Earth, Sonomancer cannot be compared, but takes inspiration from rave masters, The Prodigy, along with legendary ’90’s outfits, Orbital, Kryptic Minds and Leftfield.

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