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Borgore¬†gets classy with¬†‚ÄúSonata In F Major,‚Ä̬†released this week via¬†Buygore Records.This bass-heavy track will be a highlight on his new EP, due out¬†June 18.

‚ÄúSonata In F Major‚ÄĚ:¬†

Throughout¬†BORGORE‚Äôs¬†current¬†#TURNTLIFE spring tour, he will perform new music, including¬†‚ÄúSonata In F Major‚Ä̬†and the recently released¬†‚ÄúThat Lean,‚Ä̬†from the¬†new EPand tracks from his¬†upcoming debut album to be unveiled this fall.¬†The¬†#TURNTLIFE¬†tourincludes high-profile performances at this year‚Äôs premier music festivals includingKanrocksas,¬†Electric Daisy Carnival Chicago¬†(where he will perform on the main stage and headline the bass stage),¬†Orion Music + More,¬†Free Press Summer Festival,¬†Boonstock Music & Arts Festival¬†and more to be announced soon.

Hailing from¬†Israel via London,¬†dubstep badass BORGORE‚ÄĒthe man who¬†claims he ‚Äúruined dubstep‚Ä̬†and bass culture‚Äôs¬†enfant terrible‚ÄĒis one of the most colorful characters in¬†electronic dance music (EDM)¬†today. He is infamous for his¬†propulsive, interactive live shows, which have turned him into¬†one of electronic music‚Äôs most popular, controversial figures. Expect nothing less than¬†bass-in-your-face frenzy.

BORGORE’s spring tour dates are as follows:

DATE                          CITY                           VENUE

Thurs               5/9       Orlando, FL                 Firestone

**Fri                 5/10     Tampa, FL                  Amphitheatre

**Sat                5/11     Chico, CA                   Senator Theatre

***Sat              5/18     Knoxville, TN              NV Nightclub

Sun                  5/19     Toronto, ON                Chroma

***Fri               5/24     San Francisco, CA     Ruby Skye

Sat                   5/25     Chicago, IL                  Electric Daisy Carnival Chicago

Sun                  5/26     Chicago, IL                  Electric Daisy Carnival Chicago

***Thurs          5/30     New Orleans, LA        Republic

Fri                    5/31     Atlanta, GA                 Opera

Sat                   6/1       Houston, TX                Free Press Summer Festival

Wed                 6/5       Vancouver, BC           Celebrities

Fri                    6/7       Denver, CO                Beta

Sat                   6/8       Detroit, MI                   Orion Music + More

**Wed              6/12     Newport Beach, CA    TEN Nightclub

***Fri               6/14     Dallas, TX                   Lizard Lounge

Sat                   6/15     Charlotte, NC              Phoenix

Sat                   6/29     Kansas City, KS          Kanrocksas

Sun                  6/30     Gibbons, AB                Boonstock Music & Arts Festival

*denotes date with Carnage

**denotes date with Kennedy Jones

***denotes date with Ookay



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