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La Decisión from Sevillian natives Paul Cortez and Wiguez serves as the debut release from Salia Sounds, the exciting new name coming out of the Urban latin music scene.

La Decisión reflects the pain of a romantic breakup. In this track, esteemed rapper Paul Cortez expresses his longing for the lost person and the struggle to move forward. The verse explores the confusion and sadness that come with the end of a relationship. Known for his catchy tunes and melodic lyrical performances, Paul’s heartfelt performance shines through in this story about heartbreak and the search for healing.

On production duties is none other than Wiguez. Since 2021, Wiguez has been an integral part of the NCS record label whilst simultaneously serving as the A&R for Salia Sounds. As an artist, Wiguez gained a reputation for incorporating his flamenco style into his music where he has caught the attention of UKF who featured his track Marcheur on their esteemed Youtube channel. 

Wiguez is recognised for his contributions to Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Trap genres, and producing tracks that have garnered millions of views, showcasing his artistic prowess and resonating with a diverse audience across the world.

Official Video https://youtu.be/TPmULeMzwj0

The music video incorporates the song’s enduring theme and sets to ignite with its punctuated interpersonal approach, clearly evoking the viewer with a visual journey that aligns with the message, and actively triggering with the raw emotions of the original lyrics and song.

Salia Sounds co-owner Tommie Keeston comments “We’re super excited to be launching an imprint that fully supports the vibrant Urban latin music scene. The team have all serviced the industry for many years under different guises and now they bring forward a great skill set to help drive and showcase the amazing talent coming through.”

Already gaining early support from a lineup of global DJs, this release, with its solid bass-driven energy and prominently accessible commercial melody, will help ensure that the label and its growing community continue to evolve in 2024. It will firmly solidify Salia Sounds’ position in the Latin music scene as the fastest-growing market in the U.S. with international territories quickly following suit. 

Tommie Keeston further adds “Starting with the first release Paul Cortez, Wiguez – La Decisión we aim to make a major impact on the industry and support artists and producers that truly deserve to break through.”

With a myriad of fresh new releases on the horizon from some of the most exciting names in the urban Latin music scene, Salia Sounds is undoubtedly the label to watch this year. Starting with the breakout single “La Decisión,” this track is poised to win favour with influential channels, radio stations, and media outlets worldwide. 

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