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Since 1991,¬†THE DREAMTEAM¬†act as the poster boys of the international hardcore movement. They headlined the first legendary¬†ID&T events¬†such as¬†The Final Exam¬†and¬†Thunderdome¬†which spawned the mega-selling compilation cd series¬†THUNDERDOME.¬†With sales in excess of¬†3 million units,¬†this is one of the most successful compilation series in the history of dance music. Moreover, ID&T is now known as the company behind EDM’s leading events¬†Sensation,¬†Tomorrowland¬†and¬†Mysteryland.

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The new album THE DREAMTEAM ‚Äď 4-EVER¬†is OUT NOW.¬†The album is filled both with new productions as well of remixes of well known hardcore classics.

DJ BUZZ FUZZ:‚ÄúThe Dreamteam 4-ever‚Äô is our most complete and mature album to date. The tracks explore all different aspects within the hardcore genre. Timeless and arranged in such a way that everything’s spot-on. Ten of the tracks are new productions and the rest of the album consists of remixes of older tunes; Real Thunderdome classics.‚ÄĚ

The Dreamteam ‚Äď 4-ever | Out NOW on Cloud 9 Music

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  1. MC Da Mouth of Madness – Intro (01:01)
  2. Buzz Fuzz – In Dreamzz (05:12)
  3. Gizmo – Being A Gangsta (04:58)
  4. Dano ft Skuffa – Don’t Patronize Us! (05:27)
  5. Buzz Fuzz – My Imagination (03:59)
  6. Gizmo ft Symastic – Clean Your Nose (Early Rave Refix) (06:06)
  7. Dano ft Skuffa – About Dreamteam (04:28)
  8. Buzz Fuzz – Numb (06:30)
  9. Gizmo ft Symastic – Get Up (Gizmo’s Refix) (05:50)
  10. Buzz Fuzz – Dreamgirl (Na-Goyah Remix) (05:08)
  11. Buzz Fuzz – S.O.S. Message In A Bottle (04:49)
  12. Dano ft D-Xtreme – @ 4:44 The Journey Begins (04:43)
  13. Gizmo – End Of The Beginning (Headbanger Remix) (05:18)
  14. Dano – Welcome To The Thunderdome (Buzz Fuzz Remix) (03:48)
  15. Dano – We Still Fuck Em All (Leviathan vs The Philosopher v) (04:36)
  16. MC Da Mouth of Madness – Outro (04:32)
  17. Buzz Fuzz – Beathooverz (Bonus Track) (01:16)

For bookings of The Dreamteam, please contact:

USA, Canada and Mexico | 657 DJ Agency | tel +1-657-333-5297


Rest of the world | Rige Bookings | tel. +31.(0)10.5065510


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