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The BARE sound is a product of deep roots in rock, west coast hip-hop (as part of the Vital Mindz collective) and aggressive drum ‘n’ bass (as past alias Reborn). These influences, combined with ultra crisp drum programming, slick melodies and mind altering bass modulation, spawn face melting anthems that practically rewind themselves.


You currently are very much into TRAP after having lots of success with dubstep and drum & bass. What made the change for you?

Being a musician I am really open to exploring new sounds, new genres. evolving I guess you could say.

Trap revolves a lot around sound design. Do you use unconventional methods to get some of your sounds or effects?

Yes and no. I still use a lot of methods I learned to do well with dubstep. I have fun still using those in any genre I make. But there has been tons of new things I have learned to do mainly just by messing around and figuring it out on accident. That’s the fun part about making music 🙂

How would you describe the scene in L.A. as compared to the ones in other US cities?

LA has a fun scene. Always seems to be stuff going on even if it’s a Monday night. I have been to quite a few places in the world that go just as hard as LA tho. In reality it’s kinda hard to single out one city because every city n country has its own individual vibe that you really cant replicate anywhere else.

Describe a Bare DJ performance. What do you do to hype people up Bare-style?

High energy, Different, Multi genre. i keep it interesting the whole set. i go through every genre, 110 electro dubstep trap moombah dnb drumstep hell even some bmore club music!

What is your feeling towards other styles of EDM such as techno, trance and house?

I love it all. I plan to do work in every genre as my career evolves and progresses on. I just love good music and making ppl dance really 🙂

You like to collaborate with other musicians. Which collaboration has worked out best so far for you?

Well clearly King Kong was prolly the best collab work I have done to date. but I’m looking forward to new collabs coming this year.

Dance Music NewsWhat does the release schedule look like for original productions and remixes the coming months?

If all goes as planned, it’ll be a few og’s and remix’s a month all free!

If you could show people one track from another artist to make them fall in love with the genre, which track would that be and why did you pick that one?

Carnage’s rmx of Afrojack’s Annie’s theme

Is there any aspect from your personal life you really wouldn’t want your fans to know about? And if so, what is it?

Not really. I’m an open book to my fans. nothing really secret or sinister going on that no one knows about. lol

Your DJ name is Bare. But have you tried the Hammarica.com Dubstep DJ Name generator? What was the outcome?

Angry RollJoint hahahaha wow..

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Thanks for taking the time to read this interview and checking out my music 🙂




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