DAVE CLARKE Headlines Fabric London For New Years Eve.


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New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching and plans are swiftly rising to the top. London club Fabric brewed something special for those who want the last of 2012 to be scattered with flashes of techno brilliance. In Room Two, a techno battle will roll out of the speakers and onto the dance floor between globally revered headliner Dave Clarke, who is rounding off another sterling year of playing and producing techno, and Drumcode artist Joseph Capriati.

Dance Music BlogIn anticipation of his NYE gig in Fabric, The White Noise Radio Show host decided to drop a bracing 76 and a half minute long mix and, according to the Fabric press release, “it’s amazing”. When Dave Clarke precedes Low Jack’s taught “LJ’s Jam” at the top of this very special Christmas holiday session, not only is he adding a very British tonality to the selection, he’s making you realize there’s a man being the selections, blends and string pulling.

Dave Clarke’s Fabric Festive podcast.

Fabric NYE tickets.

hammarica.com dance music magazineDave Clarke December Top Ten:

1) Hashback Hashish – Bruce Banner
2) Frag Maddin – Till Ill
3) T15DM – MacReady’s Tape
4) Tim Wolfff – We Park Our Car In The Same Garage
5) Pilo – Ubstraktion (JazzYoSelf)
6) Cygnus – BioSoft
7) RRKS – In Your Imagination
8) Mr.Bit – Time To Learn
9) Sir Real – Lunasa
10) Shawn Rudiman – Uplink
Bonus: I a K – These Days (DC Remix)





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