Why Don’t You Come Down is an ultra catchy house song already having reached number 1 on the Reverbnation UK Dance Charts and number 3 globally.

BAPTISTE SAUNIER & BENNY BIZZIE are the artists behind this vocal smash. We caught up with Baptiste (JB) to learn more.

Where does your artist name come from?
It comes from my real name actually 😉 My real name is Vladimir Kospokarolinnov, ahah no my real name is Jean-Baptiste Saunier. Everyone calls me Jb and I wanted to use Jb but it was already taken by a dj/ producer. In the end I decided to just shorten my name to Baptiste Saunier.

Who is your favorite artist from EDM outside your own specific genre?
Ohh it’s gonna be hard to just name one. I’ll name three if that’s ok:

First Deadmau5 because his very first famous track “Faxing Berlin” in 2007 litterally changed my way of making music. I love his moog synth sounds that evolve gradually in his tracks and his bassy kicks.

then David Guetta because of his very first video clip “Baby When the Lights” My god this was such a tune.. and of his more recent works with Sia. I always wanted to bring beautiful vocals so the track has a great focus on them too rather than only having the Music based on the music production because Edm is a bit too focused on the production I think and it can become such a more mainstream style of Music. This is why I call my Music Pop | Dance, I don’t know how to call it!

Last I’d say Deorro. I discovered his first single “5 hours” this summer and it was a great reminder that simple well made sounds is one of the most effective ways to make Music and transcend.

Could you share some pictures of your current studio with us?
Yes of course! Here are some pictures. I posted the main picture as a facebook post a few days ago. By the way, come check out my facebook fan page! and this is my website

Baptsite Sainier studio interview EDM News

To briefly explain what I use:

I have an Apple Imac, the Rme Fireface Uc sound card (amazing converters and pre amps) and the Event Tuned Reference 5 Studio Monitors (speakers) which both give me a very true and flat sound image.

I use the Se G3500 which is a versatile and great sounding large condenser microphone mainly for vocals and the Roland Interga 7 when I need organic instruments or real drums sounds. The Integra also has the great Jupiter 8 sounds and those are amazing.

I use Logic Pro 9 as my main Daw, I still use Logic plugins like Es2 which is a great tool to create your own sound and a lot of third part music plugins to load samples, create sounds, sound design, mix and master. I worked a lot to become a good sound engineer too so I can mix and master all my tracks. I think it’s very important because it gives me way more flexibility to do some changes when the mastering is done or to have the chance to master using the mix as a tool which is such a great way to get your track to the sound you want.

Baptsite Sainier studio interview EDM News

Baptsite Sainier studio interview EDM News

Baptsite Sainier studio interview EDM News

What would be your advice to give your best, be the best and maintain your best?
Mmm you ask very good questions you know 🙂

Treat your Music like you treat your Life. Respect it, be Patient with it and be True to it. By true I mean express what you feel Now finsih your main Idea now because the raw feeling won’t be the same in a week or even the day after.

Collaborating: I really enjoy working with other singers and musicians and bring a collaboration to my projects and it is always such a breath of Fresh Air, mutual Inspiration and I’ve met so many creative and interesting people this way that I truly flourish doing that.

Find a booster when you need something done and don’t feel like working. I don’t mean what you might think, you do what you want with your body lol. I never drink coffee for example and the thing that makes me go crazy is just one coffee, so I have some in case. I don’t know why it makes me go hyper active but it’s enough for 4 hours, then I sleep for 4 days ahah.

Lights in the studio. Lights change your mood just like Music does and I bought Led lights that I can set colours to and plastered them on my studio wall so the studio becomes blue, orange.. I also realised that bright lights transmits you such a strong Energy (and it’s really important when you do Dance Music) and you might not be awake or you are in London and the sun goes down at 3pm during Winter ahah, you need bright lights. And the best I found was photoshoot lights. It’s not expensive at all, about 40 pounds for a pair and I sometimes put them on and boy I am back on full productivity. Then wait for my Electrical bill to arrive 🙂

Go out! Listen t what’s new. It seems silly but a lot of producers stay in their studio for too long and don’t go out enough.. I did that too often and it’s not healthy.. and never forget to listen to other musicians and go see bands or Djs play. It’s very inspiring and makes you see what’s out there and have a better introspection about your Music.

Your best joke?
Wow My best Joke?! God this is hard.. I can remember some short ones if you want?

Ok hope they’re funny ahah

What’s green, fuzzy and if it fell out of a tree it would kill you?

A pool Table.

I remember another one now:

I rang up British Telecom and I said, ”I want to report a nuisance caller”, he said ”Not you again!”.

ok last one:

My girlfriend accused me of being immature… I looked at her, took my sword and said: Get out of my Fort!

Can you tell us a bit about your Music Life, did you always live in France and would you consider living in another country?
Yes of course! I love discovering new places, there are so many sites I want to visit too. I took piano lessons when I was 7, very.. classically.. I really .. didn’t like it, but it served me so well later, so I’m really grateful in the end. I left France when I was 9 with my family and lived in Africa and Abu Dhabi and I was so lucky to live that. I still talk to my friends from there because you establish such a bond.

When I was 15 I discovered the game “Mtv Music Creator” on playstation 1! Man, I just couldn’t stop making Music. I’d already be recording my new track on tape and would ask every one at school to come check my “new track” back then.. I came back to France when I was 18 and I truly didn’t know what to do apart from the fact that I didn’t want to study anymore. I became a firefighter in Paris, lol I needed some action and then I left when I was 21 and moved to Dubai, I became a cabin crew and had so much time to focus on Music again.

I released my first track with Emi in Dubai few years later and started to Dj in few small clubs and realised I could do something more.. so I quit my job, moved to London and did the most awakening music production and sound engineering course for 2 years at Point Blank Music, then worked with various labels, I worked with Edward Maya and did his official remix for his single Desert Rain and here I am, I’m releasing my stuff finally!

For now, I will either stay here, or move to New York or L.A.! I’d love to move to Los Angeles because a lot of labels and publishers want to sign my music over there and I will see with who the next singles are signed with and decide what’s next.

Name a highlight from last year.
One Highlight? Just one? Ok I would say when I wrote the new single “Why Don’t You Come

Down” with Benny Bizzie which is an awesome Dance track.

The record label owner of Hammarica Wilf Libgott contacted me because he and his team really loved the track. It went into a great conversation and was definitely up for doing the release with them so we signed the track for release. The track is released by Hammarica on 1st of February 2015!

What is next for you in 2015 and how do you see this year in terms of Music?
2015 is the year when I show my Music! It’ s a very exciting time. After “Why Don’t You Come Down” there will be the official remix done by Basrock a great Dj/ Producer. I will be showing an Ep very soon which consists of 3 singles with 3 different Uk singers and the next single release should be March 2015.

I am working with Universal Dubai as well who is asking me to do a track for them.

The most exciting part is that I will start Djing again. I want to play my new tracks and remixes that I did and will do and play other producers’ tracks that I love.

For any upcoming tracks, interviews and show dates, all the infos will be on my Facebook Fan Page


For other creatives, the duo made available the acapella of Why Don’t You Come Down. Remixers can have fun with the vocal, and of course Hammarica would love to hear the results! Tweet @Hammarica.


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