ARTHUR GALESTIAN “Edge of the Night” Remix EP


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Joining forces with his sister,Ā Ellenie, Arthur Galestian’s Remix EP for her tune, “Edge of the Night” is finally out with theĀ ClubĀ andĀ DeepĀ mixes! Check it out and grab your copies on iTunes and all fine digital download stores.

TheĀ “Edge of the Night” Remix EPĀ brings you theĀ Club Mix, a fresh take on the original version with heavy basslines and an emphasis on the vocals; TheĀ Dub MixĀ delivers a stripped down version of the Club Mix with minimal vocals; TheĀ Radio EditĀ features the same great remix in a shorter, radio-friendly format. For a deeper, darker, progressive version of the tune, check out theĀ Deep MixĀ with vocals and theĀ Dub MixĀ with minimal vocals.




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