ARTHUR GALESTIAN “Edge of the Night” Remix EP


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Joining forces with his sister,¬†Ellenie, Arthur Galestian’s Remix EP for her tune, “Edge of the Night” is finally out with the¬†Club¬†and¬†Deep¬†mixes! Check it out and grab your copies on iTunes and all fine digital download stores.

The¬†“Edge of the Night” Remix EP¬†brings you the¬†Club Mix, a fresh take on the original version with heavy basslines and an emphasis on the vocals; The¬†Dub Mix¬†delivers a stripped down version of the Club Mix with minimal vocals; The¬†Radio Edit¬†features the same great remix in a shorter, radio-friendly format. For a deeper, darker, progressive version of the tune, check out the¬†Deep Mix¬†with vocals and the¬†Dub Mix¬†with minimal vocals.




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