【MunchKing】The Crazy Trippy Cat Music Video You Must Watch in 2019

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MunchKing, Jason Yan feat. Slim Spitta – Clout Overdose GET IT HERE
MunchKing, Jason Yan feat. Slim Spitta - Clout Overdose

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MunchKing is a cat who makes weird music. He was born from an egg on 4/20/2019. And that’s the day he released his first single “Turn the Bass Up”. The music video hit over 100k on Youtube in about 2 weeks.

Nobody knows who this cat is. Maybe he doesn’t exist in this “real world”… Only thing we know is that he’s a cat who makes weird music and lives in the MunchKing World.

Turn the Bass Up on YouTube

And here comes his next release “Clout Overdose”, together with Jason Yan. This new track features a rap vocal by Slim Spitta and hits with heavy MunchKing drops together with a trippy animated music video that takes you on a psychedelic journey.

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